It’s all about drinkability.

Exotic flavors, Intense hops and high alcohol content might be all the brew-rage. But they are not often flagship beers, and rarely are they your go-to staples. 

Pilsners. Märzens. Dunkels. These are some of our staples, our true north, and the base from which future experimentation originates. 


Our bottled beers

Our bottled beers are available at our brewery or throughout Central Ohio. Click here for locations (Coming soon).



Hoppy Pils

Hoppy, unfiltered German-style pilsner. Bright and floral with subtle maltiness




Unfiltered with notes of dark chocolate and coffee and a hit of wood smoke.



Rustic Helles

Traditional Landbier. Unfiltered with gentle floral hops and clean Bavarian malt character.



Classic Gose

Subtly salty, unfiltered wheat beer. Light and refreshing aromas of fresh lemon zest.


On tap at the brewery

We're always experimenting, brewing small batches and learning from old-world processes.
Stop in at the brewery to try a pint of something truly unique. Styles in Bold are currently avaialable at our tap house.

Wooly Pig Alt

Wooly Pig Baltic Porter

Wooly Pig Berlinerweiss

Wooly Pig Berlinerweiss - special

Wooly Pig Coffee Pils

Wooly Pig Dopplebock


Wooly Pig Dunkel

Wooly Pig Gose

Wooly Pig Gose -special

Wooly Pig Helles

Wooly Pig Hoppy Pils

Wooly Pig IPL Eins



Wooly Pig IPL Zwei

Wooly Pig Kottbusser

Wooly Pig Rauchbier

Wooly Pig Roggen

Wooly Pig Schwarzbier


Beer is 95 percent water. It better be good. 

Thankfully, the farm's prolific well is the source of our water, meaning that beer doesn’t get any more local than this.